Welcome to Cottage Farm Nurseries

Cottage Farm Nurseries has everything you need to make your garden beautiful. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of all our plants stocked on the nursery and also the incredibly reasonable prices. We are always happy to give advice if needed (two formally trained partners, 30 years each) and we welcome not just retail but wholesale customers too.

At Cottage Farm Nurseries we grow 100% of all our bedding plants from seed. Therefore our prices are around 40% less than garden centres and the plants are of a much higher standard. This applies not just to the bedding plants but to most of our stock on the nursery.

We stock a massive range of shrubs, bedding plants, trees, fruit trees/bushes, herbaceous perennials and particularly hardy exotic plants (more than most garden centres) but if there is anything a customer requires that we do not have, we will do our very best to outsource it and again, at the best possible price and within 2 weeks.

Clare, a trained florist, designs and plants beautiful and widely acclaimed hanging baskets for the Spring and Summer, as well as tubs and containers. If you would prefer to plant your own hanging baskets, then we have a large selection of basket plants and we also have a ‘bring your own basket to be filled’ service. Empty baskets are also available to buy and again, advice is given if requested.

We have a variety of potted plants, shrubs, small trees and hanging baskets as long lasting and loving gifts for your special someone.

Bookmark this page and check back later for a range of gifts.

As well as plants, we have an excellently stocked area of pots and containers. We also stock statues, fountains, bird tables and bird baths.

We sell compost, mulch, bark chips, turf and decorative stones/pebbles. Please phone for a price, we are ultra competitive.

We are a dying breed of genuine nursery garden centre – clean , efficient and modern but with no frills and gimmicks for you to pay for. Value, Quality and Service.

Please take a look through the rest of our website and you will find everything you need, all year round for your garden.

National Garden Gift Vouchers are accepted and can be purchased at Cottage Farm Nurseries.